Daily Gamer: Magical Sound Car

Another pleasant surprise I found in the RPS Freeloaders column. At first, I thought I’ll just play it for a couple of minutes to enjoy its 8-bit retro-graphics, but eventually I decided to stay longer. What’s so remarkable about Magical Sound Car? The game combines a hellish difficulty level and standard platforming pleasures including spikes, disappearing floor tiles, gravity flipping, etc., with some anti-frustration features which actually are working. Be it the cute chiptune made by our toy car when it’s speeding up, or the two uncannily friendly kids who seem to mock my efforts and encourage me to go further at the same time, all this stops me from rage-quitting and deleting the game into the oblivion. Which is a true miracle, given how an impatient person I am.

Magical Sound Car 50 leves.jpg
All right, all right, I’m staying with you, little ones

May Apathy

Things were going well for the first days of the merry month of May until that one evening, when I was simply too tired to even write a few lines and failed the goal to spend at least thirty minutes daily with my blog. After that, my motivation flew away and I couldn’t bring myself to make new posts for the rest of the month. Well, so much for Kaizen.

I won’t even bother to paste the previous goal list here. It all remains the same, with one exception: I won’t force myself to write at least half an hour each day, because I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s simply too stressing, maybe even paralysing. Instead, I will just try to publish at least 15 quality posts and concentrate on finishing playthroughs.

On a positive note, thanks to the distinguished game journalists from the RPS I’ve found another great distraction: In Search of Paradise, a perfect game for hot Polish summer. What can be better than driving through an alternative version of the U.S. American desert with Kyuss and Earth songs playing in the background? Yes, I’ll definitely have to write more about it.