Call of Duty 2 PL


Played original copy.

The second playthrough after several years.

Difficulty level: hardened.

Self-imposed challenge: Sniper
Bolt-action rifles and pistols only, no crosshair.


The Cavalry. Too bad that those Jeeps are not playable


When the Tigers broke free


In almost all levels the scenery is indestructible. This is how one of the few exceptions looks like. This house was almost intact when the fighting began.


I’m not sure whether it was deliberate or not, but my first association was with the German movie ‘Stalingrad’. The remarkable scene where the combat engineers blow up a Soviet MG nest… together with an entire building.


Gothic [PL]

One playthrough in the early 2000’s, not finished.

Just finished the second playthrough. Several bugs encountered, some of them very nasty (sudden crashes and graphic glitches). Lots of save scumming.
Spent some time in the early levels hunting and gathering, smoking meat and working as a weaponsmith; it adds a nice flavour to the game.

Self-imposed challenge:
Essential needs – the character had to eat and sleep regularly.

Fallout 3 + DLCs [Saint walkthrough]

Walkthrough completed

My first Fallout 3 walkthrough. Finished the main quest and all official DLCs. Highest difficulty level. No reloads unless killed or game crashing.

Mods installed

Fallout Food

Definitely this the kind of mod I will install first while playing any Bethesda game. Even if it doesn’t require the player to have regular and balanced meals (like that other Skyrim mod I’ve played earlier), it really adds to immersion factor.

Dogmeat Health Fix

Since my first companion, Charon, died right after I recruited him in an uneven fight against an albino scorpion, I expected Dogmeat to die quickly in a similar encounter. My canine companion joined my character when he was already at 30 expierience level, however, and after a moment of gameplay I realized that he is practically invincible, only losing one or two health bars after clashing with most vicious opponents. Fortunately I was able to find this bug fix, making Dogmeat more balanced character. He didn’t escape the Charon’s fate and fell against overwhelming odds in the ruins of the White House.


  • Daily needs: PC needs to eat at least three times a day, and to have min. 8 hours of sleep.
  • Realistic digestion: food items cannot be used for healing during combat.
  • White man’s burden: items necessary for cooking and repair cannot be sold.
  • The collector: all unique items must be kept as trophies

Hotline Miami

First walkthrough completed. Password not collected. No additional challenges or game modifications.

After all the hype and enthusiastic reviews I’m feeling disappointed. The most memorable thing about the game is its soundtrack. Still, I may have find some time to replay in a ‘serious’ way.