[The Beginning of Darkness] Warhammer 40000: Dawn Of War


Insane level selected.

Not A Single Step Back: No manual saving. Allowed to replay levels.

Since this is WH40k, I’m planning to make this playthrough demanding, which involves self-proclaimed challenges for each level. On other hand, I want to finish it before the Second Coming, thus I’m leaving a loophole in case of a failed objective.

The Cavalry Has Arrived: Spend every resource available to save PDF forces.

Even if they are a Planetary Defence Force and wear generic Cadian uniforms (instead of the Death Korps of Krieg), I have a soft spot for the Guard – maybe because each and every WH40k novel I ever read had them as main protagonists.


Wings [GBA]

Game Boy Advance port.

Soundtrack list:

Von Thronstahl – Conscriptum

Von Thronstahl – Corona Imperialis

Unit Black Flight – Interaction and Extraction

First playthrough: German campaign. Interrupted on an extremely difficult mission.
Second playthrough: German campaign complete. Attempted to pass every mission without a reprimand. Failure: skipped one of the final missions in the campaign.

Lieber totThe writing may be cheesy, but they got the proper attitude of a German pilot.


Manfred of Richthofen’s death.


Near the end of the German campaign, they stop being serious. Allied Zeppelins?!


To the bitter end. Heil Dir im Siegerkranz!

Die Berliner

Alternate history: the Red Baron had exactly 100 kills before he fell. And my ace was even better.


The false promise of peace. One of the ending screens.

Skyrim Stories: Gods Will Be Watching

As always when playing a Bethesda games, I do senseless things just to immerse myself deeper into the world behind the screen.

Potema is dead. It took almost a week to conquer her Sanctum and lay her Inner Council to rest. There was a revenge part in it too, as I still remember losing Lydia to those infernal ligthnings during my first approach to Skyrim (that would be four years ago).

Since Ramzi, my player character, is supposed to be a devout worshipper of the Imperial pantheon, it would be appropriate for him to show a proper amount of gratitude to the Aedra. Although the Talos been succesfully has been successfully banished from the Solitude temple, our hero had to choose another deity to pay his respects. Zenithar was an obvious choice, as Ramzi is a faithful follower of the Path of the Smith.

Proper worship means much more than just activating an idol and receiving a blessing. Besides switching to stealth mode as an imitation of kneeling down, Ramzi must drop an offering – and not just a random piece of junk, but the most valuable object fitting the given deity’s aspect. This time it was a gold ingot, which would otherwise provide a nice boost to the smithing skill.

Earth Taken 2

First walkthrough complete. Favourite weapon: knife. Not all secrets found.

While I had great time playing Earth Taken (not listed on this blog), I didn’t bother to check if there’s any sequel, and almost missed it. Accidentally, I found it on Newgrounds a few days ago while looking for a shooting game to relax in the evening.

There are only little changes in gameplay, visuals or soundtrack, but there’s nothing to complain about, as I still enjoyed the game much. Some weapons were added in the sequel, among them my two favorites: a combat knife and flamethrower. I spent most of the game time performing bold bayonet charges on the aliens and enemy troopers, and used the flamethrower only in the last stage – that’s the dilemma of a videogame pyromaniac, either you spend your precious fuel early in the game or wait for the final showdown. I still have to try that grenade launcher in the second playthrough.

The game provides little challenge for the player, which isn’t all that bad, if you treat it like bubblegum to relax after the day’s work. Still, I have the feeling that the makers wasted a perfect concept for the sort of 2D Stalker game. If only they created an open world with quests, puzzles, interactive dialogue with the NPCs… but I guess it would take more work and they wouldn’t be publishing it for free.

Five stars given, nevertheless.

Knights of the Old Republic II + Restoration Mod 1.8.2

Pragmatic Jedi playthrough (eventually seduced by the Light side).

Bugs: several game crashes. Battle preparations on Dantooine had to be replayed.
Save-scumming: after game over. Made exception for the Handmaiden’s critical mating sequence.
Which I am not proud of, and it proved to be useless – every answer would bring only failure.
Next playthrough planned when the mod’s next version is released.

Papers, Please!

Several playthroughs. Each one based on different personality type:

#1 Tool: Trying to play a mostly honest citizen loyal to the regime. Stopped helping rebels after a while. Helped a few people with their quests, unless the family situation was very bad. Ending 20 achieved, with some money surplus and whole family healthy and alive.

Save scumming after negative endings and interface glitches (not able to return an item).

#2 Rebel: Joined the rebels, did not shoot the man in red. Tried to be decent – 7 of 8 badges collected. Managed to make’s son St. Nicolas Day happy and to adopt the niece. Missed the opportunity to bail out the family. Executed for high treason.

Save scummed just once, after getting arrested for suspicious income.

#3 Hero: Strict cooperation with the AZIC. Sabotaging the government whenever it was possible. 7 of 8 badges earned. Promoted to agent of the New Arstotzka. Whole family saved and moved to a better place. Ending 19.

#4 Conformist: The only goal was to leave Arstotzka with family. Used every opportunity to win additional money. Refused to help anyone who was not offering a bribe, the only exception being Elisa and Jorji. Escaped to Obristan with all family members. Ending 18.