Weekly (II)

There’s been little progress since the last entry. First it was the ungodly heat wave which hit my part of the country and sucked every little bit of energy from my veins, then the slumbering beast called ‘social life’ suddenly opening its eyes and making me engage in unexpected activities like a music festival or a fishing trip (the latter apparently being the real-life equivalent of Dark Souls).

So, I barely touched the games mentioned in my last post, like Sunless Sea or Verdun. Still, despite the circumstances I was able gain some ground…


…in a game which is perfect for short sessions after work, when your body is melting down. Meet Völgarr the Viking, a retro hack’n’slash platformer I’ve been casually playing for a year. The game has never mentioned on this blog because I’ve never treated it too seriously and expected to get far in it due to its very demanding difficulty level, but, to my surprise, I somehow managed to reach the final level and enter the devil’s den, as pictured above. Even if I beat it in the coming days, this will give me (spoiler alert!) the worst possible ending, but maybe I’ll play New Game+ then, testing my patience even harder.

As for other goals, everything tells me that I will be very busy again, so it’s the bare minimum: finally close the Space Marine playthrough and write about it. With some nice screencaps if possible.

Cheers and see you next Monday.


Weekly (I)

…and here it is, my first report from the week that perished. Posted with a little delay, but the first step is always the hardest.


The best thing that happened to me last week was the sudden realisation that I’m not the worst Verdun player in the world. Playing a few matches every day, I noticed that my score is quite decent and I’m somehow able to give basic advice to less experienced players. Who would expect that an online shooter makes you feel paternal instincts.

FAther's Bones

The final journey on the Unterzee began a month ago, but during the time given for this report I was finally able to make constant progress, even if it was a bit slow. And I really have to hurry up because the sequel Sunless Skies will be available on the Steam Free Access with the end of this month.


While Captain Titus is having a pleasant conversation with an Inquisitor (and his personal torture expert) on board of a Black Ship, I’m finishing my Space Marine playthrough after a prolonged break. Maybe the lack of patience is one of my weakest points, but somehow I was able to beat the game’s hardest difficulty level and now all that remains are a few single-player achievements to complete.


‘Only in death does duty end’. Even though my Adeptus Astartes adventure didn’t end yet, I shed the ceramite-and-plasteel armour for the baroque attire of an Inquisitor. After a few hours I can certainly say that it’s worse than disappointing — it’s a shame to the fictional universe I love so much, especially when the game is based one of the best WH40k novels. Still, I’m willing to be very forgiving and just enjoy the story and voice acting.