Beginning of Darkness: Mad Max

A man who lost his beloved family now loses his beloved car. He wins a dog and a friend and a friend — or rather a worshipper — so there’s still hope in this grimdark wasteland. More importantly, there is a chance that a prophet will make him a hero, not a broken degenerate seeking escape from the reality.


Id vs Superego

After spending many years as a quasi-Luddite, mostly playing classic games and indies on my battered laptop, I finally managed to buy a decent rig. Of all the possibilities, I chose to try out a game every review warns me of. It’s dull and flat, they say, mediocre at best, a wasted chance for the game of the decade. Even if it’s true, it doesn’t really matter. Breathtaking desert landscapes, a postapocalyptic, crumbling society, cars and savages, and most importantly, the titular character — for all that, I’m ready to forgive every flaw the game may have.


As usual, I think about adding self-appointed challenges, but after two hours of play it’s hard to figure it out. The only thing that comes to my mind for now:

Cockpit View Only – because immersion is important, and because this is how I played Interstate’76.

And now let’s find out if those critics were right.


2 thoughts on “Beginning of Darkness: Mad Max

  1. This is one I’ve been meaning to try for it’s praise of the visuals, but as you say, lukewarm (at best) reviews that really wish it could’ve strived for more. Interested to see your thoughts playing through it.

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    • After spending dozens of hours playing it, I’ll just say Mad Max is both underrated and disappointing. Maybe it’s time to finally revive my blog and write down my thoughts, just as you say. Stay tuned! 🙂

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