Daily Gamer: Get a Job

While I keep writing posts about my (mis)adventures in Sunless Sea, I didn’t even bother to say something about its parent game Fallen London, even though I’m playing it almost every day since two years. It’s time to right the wrongs.

There is poetry even in being a butcher.

There are myriad reasons to like Fallen London, so many that I could spend the rest of my life writing about them. This is one of them: as the protagonist imprisoned in the Neath, you can do the most horrible things without feeling too bad about them, all thanks to the irony and melancholy of the narrative — a welcome change after playing dozens of games where choosing the traditionally ‘evil’ path has absolutely no appeal to me (I’m looking at you, Bethesda Games!).


3 thoughts on “Daily Gamer: Get a Job”

  1. I keep meaning to check out Fallen London as I do love the rich, eccentric and darkly melancholic steampunk-ish universe of Sunless Sea. Though currently I’m addicted to playing Darkest Dungeon.

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    1. Then you should give FL a try. Maybe it’s just a browser RPG combined with interactive novel, but the amount and quality of writing is really worth all the clicking and stat grinding. What’s more, at one point your FL character can obtain a ship, leave the fallen city and visit some of the locations you already know as a SunSea captain. Additionally, you can send some supplies from FL to the other game, although interaction is very limited.
      As for Darkest Dungeon, it’s on my wishlist. I’d play it just for the fantastic drawing style, but I’m not sure I will like the mechanics. Would you care to write a few words about DD on your blog?


      1. That’s good to know, didn’t realise there was some hook up between the two games, even if fairly limited.

        I’ll do a review of Darkest Dungeon at some point, though I’m not sure when I’ll get chance (so many other things I’m supposed to be writing about at the moment)! I wasn’t sure I’d like the mechanics either, but it’s really well done and not as punishing/unforgiving as some other Roguelites. You can abandon quests at anytime, if things are looking bad. You also keep a large roster of heroes who improve with experience. And there’s always easier quests to embark on to train up rookies and build up cash, trinkets and heirlooms (which are spent on upgrading your base).

        Plus the atmosphere is brilliant, thanks to some excellent voice acting, great music and visuals, and a very enjoyable straight-faced humour.

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