Just Finished: Fallout 3

My second, and final, Fallout 3 playthrough is over. What I’ve learned is that I’m very bad at being bad. At the beginning, my Player Character named Hagen was supposed to be the evil incarnate, but at one moment, after a long period of stealing, murdering and enslaving, I felt unable to commit acts of evil anymore, because I realised that I liked the good people of the Capital Wasteland too much. Therefore, my remorseful character finishes his journey with Neutral Karma and the title of True Mortal — very appropriate for him.

That’s enough for a summary. Now I’ll just share some screenshots I collected during the playthrough. Just some of the most memorable (and sometimes bizarre) moments I’ve (or is it ‘we’?) experienced.

Beware! Spoilers ahead!

Hybris. The 21st century Vitruvian Man at the gates of Rivet City.
Into the Mouth of Madness. The journey to the Lovercraftian nightmare of Point Lookout begins here.
Altars of Madness. The Ark&Dove Cathedral, Point Lookout.
Where’s your saviour now? Lincoln Memorial.
“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever”. The Pitt.
Kill the Xenos. The alien mothership has just lost the battle against me and me motley crew of abducted humans. Mothership Zeta.
Paradise Lost. The Oasis, just about a minute before its inhabitants were slaughtered by Hagen.
As the Good Book says.
No More Heroes. It’s feels strange to find this monument in the Capital Wasteland after taking part in a VR simulation of the Operation Anchorage.
The stones will cry out.
Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb? The final moments of Megaton.
The Legacy. Historical documents, including the U.S. Constitution, displayed in the Rivet City museum.
Necessary Means. Just don’t call it a concentration camp, please.
Beauty will save the world. One of my favourite guests has classical music as a reward.
To the barricades! The rooftop of the Statesman Hotel, just a moment before Hagen and the Reilly’s Rangers make an attempt to break through the Supermutants.
Harold’s corpse in the Oasis.
A place of worship somewhere in the Wasteland.
We’re a happy family. Hagen and Sidney enjoy the hospitality of the Reilly’s Rangers at their headquarters.
No fancy vistas here, just our heroes enjoying a well-deserved rest.
Hybris Punished. The Fallout’s backstory in a nutshell.



4 thoughts on “Just Finished: Fallout 3”

  1. I remember killing a lot innocent people in Fallout 3 just so I could get my karma low enough for Jericho to join me. And then I nuked Megaton. I felt bad afterwards, but they did give me a nice apartment over at the plush Tenpenny Tower and Jericho was a lot of fun as a companion.

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  2. I completed Fallout 3 for the first time recently, and felt a bit underwhelmed by it. The dungeons, buildings, metro stations – all felt a bit dark and samey. How were the expansions (Point Lookout, etc.), are they worth a look?


  3. I hatred my bad playthrough. I felt horrible but I needed those Trophies… I guess I prefer being the hero and helping people.


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