Daily Gamer: After the Fire

The writer’s block is following me like a vengeful spirit, sucking every drop of inspiration from my soul. Maybe I should return to the noble path of Kaizen and write a few sentences every day. Who knows, maybe constant practice will make me able to write longer posts again?


My second Fallout 3 playthrough has reached its post-final stage, and it’s very pleasant: after bringing a fiery doom to the Enclave, Hagen hasn’t much to do. There’s only one side-quest to complete and then my weary anti-hero will become a post-apocalyptic flâneur, aimlessly roaming the Capital Wasteland until he’s got enough and returns to his suite at the Tenpenny Tower. Then he’ll just sit in a chair, sipping whiskey and looking at his collection of trophy weapons.

About time. Fallout:New Vegas is waiting on my Steam acount to be installed. The Legion is calling.


2 thoughts on “Daily Gamer: After the Fire

    • Yeah, I feel that I need to change my approach. Maybe I’ll go back to the 90’s and start writing loose notes to turn them into proper posts later.

      Well, my ‘evil’ character suffered a nervous breakdown somewhere in the middle of the game (I simply couldn’t bring myself to hurt the good Wastelanders anymore), so I didn’t destroy the Brotherhood, but I allowed Sarah to sacrifice herself at the Jefferson Memorial. The reason? I was too lazy to go back to the Underworld and bring Charon back with me. And yes, I felt terrible after that too. Funny, they say that video games desensitize you to such things :^)

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