Fallout 3: The Day Liberty Died

And it has happened. Liberty Prime, the pride of the Brotherhood of Steel, has been smashed into pieces during a treacherous attack. He stood no chance against the orbital bombardment deployed by the Enclave.

Maybe it’s a good moment to stop playing for a moment and ask myself: why is one of my favourite characters in the game a non-sentient A.I. with just a few lines of spoken text?

Liberty Prime

Heroes do not die in vain.

Well, it’s hard not to like a steel giant shooting lasers from his eyes and throwing nuke grenades like a football player – especially when you’re playing on the highest difficulty level with several self-imposed restrictions. Beside that, you’ve got to appreciate the irony: a Wunderwaffe designed by the pre-war U.S. government to defeat the Chinese is used by the Brotherhood of Steel against the Enclave, a faction which claims to be the legitimate descendant of that government.

Speaking of irony, the lines spoken by Liberty Prime were certainly written as a mockery of the Cold War-era anti-Communist propaganda, being yet another attempt at satirising of U.S. American imperialism, jingoism, misplaced patriotism, or whatever you call it. Well, being born in a country which had the wonderful experience of living under Actually Existing Socialism™, I choose to enjoy the presence of a Commie-hating killing machine quite unironically. Because…



3 thoughts on “Fallout 3: The Day Liberty Died

    • It seems you’ve discovered another layer of irony in Liberty Prime as a character: the “defender of post-apocalyptic democracy” is controlled by the Brotherhood, an organisation which doesn’t exactly promote democracy, but rather a kind of benevolent feudalism with strict social hierarchy.

      Also, I’m sorry to hear about your problems with the game crashing whenever L.P. appears on-screen. Fortunately, I’m playing F3 on a laptop and I didn’t experience any sudden crashes related to our beloved warmachine, but I’m having a serious issue with some areas becoming inaccessible due to game-crippling bugs. Well, maybe I shouldn’t be complaining too much, Bethesda games are infamous for their instability at least since the times of Daggerfall.

      Btw, before writing that post, I checked on an article about Liberty Prime on the Fallout wikia and apparently he comes back with a bang in Fallout 4. Did you reach that stage? How does it feel to see him rise from the dead? 😉

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      • Thanks! I think my aging PS3 should shoulder most of the blame for the constant crashing. I hope find a way to squash those pesky game breaking bugs.

        Oh wow, he comes back? Awesome! 🙂 I’m sadly only a few hours into Fallout 4, but I really have to try and mae more time to play it now.

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