Goals: May

Sunless Sea has ruined my life, or at least my gaming plans for April. Although I promised myself to complete at least three unfinished playthroughs, the Failbetter’s game proved to be too much a temptation and I didn’t find enough time for the rest of my collection. My conscience hurts again, but at least I managed to get a look at the two Early Access games, Soviet City and Jalopy.

My second goal for April was to review the old posts, correct all mistakes and rewrite when necessary, but it’s obvious that I’m still lacking the necessary self-discipline and motivation.

As for the third and final goal… The ancient Japanese wisdom actually works! I set myself a task to write daily, adding one minute of time each day, and publish at least 15 finished posts. Working according to the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement seems a proper method for a such a chaotic soul as mine. I will continue the experiment for the next month without raising the bar.

All this means that I just should copy and paste my April list here:

Things to do in April May:

  • Write daily. Each day, add one minute to the minimum time (starting with two minutes today)
  • Publish at least 15 posts
  • Complete at least three unfinished games
  • General blog maintenance (review and rewrite old posts, add a ‘Completed’ section, etc.)

Tennōheika Banzai! Thank you, Kaizen!



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