Shards of Glim: Will Employ Real Villains

After writing the previous post, I’ve decided that it’s time to taste a forbidden fruit and become the Underzee’s most savage buccaneer (or is it bukkaneer?). After all, like I’ve already mentioned, I really enjoy the simple pleasure of hunting, shooting, looting and sinking. Since the short career of my First Captain, I’ve been always tempted by those innocent freighters sailing around, but for some inexplicable reason every incarnation turned out to be morally upstanding in a true Victorian fashion. Fortunately, the Sixth Captain is a black sheep in his lineage.

Life goal? Retirement in luxury. Ways to achieve the goal? Any means necessary. Smuggling drugs born in the Cthulhu’s worst nightmares, selling souls to devils, providing the powers hostile to London with confidential information – the end justifies the means, as long as there is a generous payment included. The logical conclusion wass that I shouldn’t be too much squeamish about piracy.



A ‘Tigerish’ Tramp Steamer became my first victim (and I’d give a whole chest of Drowning Pearls to anyone who could explain what does ‘tigerish’ actually mean). As it was to be expected, the ill-fated vessel had no chances to survive the fight against my superior tactical skill. The plunder was meager, but even worse was the reaction of the miserable rabble otherwise known as my crew. Can you imagine that my thankless minions had m o r a l objections to sinking a merchant ship and sending its supposedly innocent crew to the bottom? The Terror immediately increased by +10. This means that hunting a larger number of ships would force me to visit London requently and using expensive ways of reducing it. As far as I know, there is no way to avoid this mechanic — the game only allows to recruit new zailors in London, and there is only one type. Recruiting a pack of veteran corsairs is not an option.

And once again the history has proven that brilliant plans of a lone genius can by foiled by the mediocre, brainwashed by the slave morality. At the moment, it will be more reasonable to content myself with smuggling. What a shame.


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