Medal of Honor: Reassigned

My adventure with MoH: Spearhead, where I was impersonating a lapdog of the plutocratic imperialist Western powers, came to a grinding halt somewhere in the middle of the Ardennes forest. What happened was a real disaster: a rail-shooting level with my anti-hero and his team of infiltrators stealing a German APC and maniacally driving through the enemy positions in an attempt to reach the American lies. Yet again, I was betrayed by my unhealthy ambition which made me play on the highest difficulty level and even try to complete missions without manual saving, which was a complete nonsense, of course. Although Spearhead can be a source of fun, being a classic FPS with dynamic gameplay and interesting levels, it simply doesn’t offer enough incentive to constantly replay the same moment of a mission. Especially when the given mission has the protagonist chained to a gun mounted on the open top of a vehicle, without a shield or possibility to take cover. A similar level in Call of Duty: Spain in Flames at least gave you a chance to duck and reduce the chance of being hit by mad Falangists driving other lorries.

Having said all this, I’m abandoning the unlucky soldier, but it’s not a complete surrender. Since I’ve made plans to write about games featuring the WW2-era Italian army, I’ll just jump to the other MoH add-on, Breakthrough, where the Mussolini’s iron legions are supposed to appear in some missions taking place in North Africa and Italy. Let’s just hope that this time the main character won’t get volunteered to become a mobile practice for every Axis soldier in the vicinity.


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