Excuses: Of Daemons, Souls and Revolution

One hour. So many possibilities to spend sixty minutes in a virtuous and productive way.

Do some exercising. Read Marcus Aurelius. Go for a walk on the bank of an old polluted river. Read Saint Augustine. Watch a historical documentary on YT. Read a random WH4ok novel. Have a session of foreign language learning. Trim your beard. Call your grandma and tell her that you love her. Work in a garden. Wash the dishes.

And I’ve just wasted one hour playing a video game.

Wasted? Not necessarily. Did I mention learning a foreign language?

After all, one year ago I returned to learning Spanish while playing the astounding Call of Duty 2 Spanish Civil War mod, so maybe there’s some good even in video games. Playing a game in a new language may become profitable, just with a little help from the favourite deity of late-Imperial Roman legionaries. Her name is Disciplina.

Beside the ‘Spain in Flames’, the first game that comes to my mind is Grim Fandango. Maybe the man behind it was an Anglo-Saxon, but it still focuses on Spanish, or rather Hispanic, culture. And then, while searching for a downloadable Castillan version, I encountered a review which praises the game for excellent voice acting. Now I know what to do.

There will be no challenge, since I completed the English version two times. But this is to win a new, perhaps a deeper perspective in gaming: to go beyond ambition and immersion; beyond drawing satisfaction from completing imaginary goals or throwing myself into an imagined world.





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