So Long Skyrim, You’ve Been Good to me

My Skyrim playthrough was beatrayed by the weather.

Something wrong must have happened with the world, because we didn’t have a proper Winter – for the first time in my life, as far as I can remember. This doesn’t mean that a bizarre Midwinter summer happened out ouf sudden, in contrary, the landscape outside my window looks like a bastard child of late Fall and late Spring — an unholy combination of mud, wet air, and a sky which cannot decide about it’s own colour.

I’ve tried to be bold. After finally purchasing Skyrim with all the DLCs, I finally brought myself to install the Steam version. Which proved to be a complete disaster. It took me some time to backup both the saves and the mods, but the installation was a hard landing: first, the game doesn’t recognise the modded content, even though I’ve copied it to the right folder; secondly, the game doesn’t even launch in its vanilla version. I’m beaten, downtrodden, conquered, the virtual Aldmeri Dominion got their revenge on me — a deserved one, after I turned a meeting at their embassy into a bar brawl (thank you, More Interesting NPCs!).

All in all, I’m abandoning the frozen Nord country for a better future — hopefullu, I’ll replay it with a proper rig and, even more importanlty, a more proper landscape behind the window.


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