The Spring Offensive

Right now, I’m looking at the blog stats, feeling simply embarassed. Since the New Year I’ve managed to write only a couple of posts and I didn’t even touch my blog in March. Theoretically, there’s a plenty of writing material, since I’m playing both Sunless Sea and Fallen London almost religiously, but I still can’t manage to break through my writer’s block. Where, oh where, is the glorious June 2015 gone?

Fortunately, I have recently found an article on the magnificent Art of Manliness about the Kaizen – the Japanes way of constant self-improvement. One of the advices given by the author seems to relate directly to my mishappen attempts at writing:

Instead of making it a goal to write a page each day, just start off with writing for a minute. That’s it. You might only get a sentence or two down, but that’s okay. The next day, add a minute. In a month, you’ll be writing in your journal for 30 minutes if that’s something you want to do.

Kaizen Warrior

The Kaizen personified, or at least how I imagine it (Source:

This is it! Instead of abandoning the blog with a feeling of complete failure, I’ll just set some April goals and try to make Log 1932 great again.

Things to do in April:

  • Write daily. Each day, add one minute to the minimum time (starting with two minutes today)
  • Publish at least 15 posts
  • Complete at least three unfinished games
  • General blog maintenance (review and rewrite old posts, add a ‘Completed’ section, etc.)

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