Dawn of War: Decimation

Almost a year ago, I returned to DoW after a very long break (I bought my copy five years ago) and, as usual, something happened and I didn’t even bother to pass the first level of the main campaign. This is hardly an excuse, but being busy with Skyrim and Hotline Miami leaves you little time for anything else, unless you’re a basement dweller and a millionaire’s son at the same time. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I forgot about the WH40k — on contrary, I’ve been a frequent visitor to the Black Library, where the Imperial Guard novels are my favourite special. Now, after reading through a few thousand pages and visiting a hundred fictional battlefields of the Grimdark Universe, I’m ready to return to His service.

That’s right. Gaunt, Yarrick, Straken, Schaeffer, and especially Kage: it is all your fault. Even that two-faced fraud Cain is not without fault here.

My self-appointed objectives proved to be slightly too ambitious and made even the first level a nightmare — very appropriate for a WH40k game. Playing on Insane difficulty and trying to save every Imperial Guard squad (an achievement rewarded in-game as a secondary task) was hard enough, but without manual saving it made me feel like an average PDF trooper facing a full-scale Necron offensive. Nevertheless, after an evening full of curses directed at Gork, Mork, and their ugly spawn, I finally managed to achieve it, although failure was close — in two instances, a full squad was slaughtered down to a single trooper, probably scared to the bone and covered with entrails of his own comrades. But all this was worth the effort.


Because the Emperor protects


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