Italy at War

After a couple of years since creating this blog, I’ve finally decided that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use tags and categories in my posts. What a brilliant mind I am, always in the avantgarde.

Generally, I have lost my interest in military history somewhere near the end of the middle school, but there are still some topics and periods which I like to explore: the German Freikorps, the Spanish Civil War, and most of all, the Italian military exploits from 1922 to 1945. Since video games are my favourite pastime, I enjoy playing an Italian infantryman or pilot, but there is always a problem with finding a game which actually let’s you jump into the boots of a single trooper, instead of being a somewhat boring, impersonal hex strategy.

Italy at War

Giarabub: Kangaroo hunting ind the deep desert (Forgotten Hope2)

While searching for Italian-themed games, I noticed that this isn’t only my problem. There are forum threads all over the Internets with people with a similar interest asking for advice, but they rarely get a satisfactory answer – even if they’re posting on Italian forums. So I’ve made a decision to write more about games featuring the Italian WW2 military, and maybe even the Ethiopian campaign or Spanish Civil War. Let’s hope this will be useful for someone.

CTV Madrid

Madrid is like a woman, she cannot resist the Italian charm (CoD2 Spanish Civil War mod)


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