Skyrim Stories: The Best Idle Game Ever

Even the Interesting NPCs mod isn’t as good as this. Ramzi returns from a long yourney laden with loot: hunting trophies; arms and armour; herbs, mushrooms and daemon hearts; unique items, each one with their own story. This is why I sometimes wait to launch the game again until the stars are right — when I’m too tired to play a game seriously, I spend my leisure time wandering from the forge to the alchemist lab, with an occasional stop at the local inn to have a meal and a pint of ale.

Working Class Hero

Working Class Hero: don’t care for the battle, glory and princesses, just give my a pelt to work on it.

This is how I imagine the ultimate Skyrim mod: playing as a commoner who spends most of the game time repeating activities like forging, with a very low stat progression. The difficulty level should be altered to an absurd level, making an encounter with a lone wolf to be a struggle for life, with many pleasant options like dying from starvation, dehydration, hypothermia, or just being stabbed to death by a drunk mercenary during an archetypal tavern brawl.

Well, I guess I won’t see such a mod in my life, because it seems I’m the only one lunatic on this beatiful planet who would actually play it.  But who can stop me from playing the actual game as closest to the ideal?


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