Completed: Lost Vikings

Weapon And Tool: Never use the power glove against enemies (unless it’s necessary to complete a level) – COMPLETED

They Took Everything: Collect every pick-up item you locate on the level – FAILED


Their journey is finished. After a healthy dose of bomb-throwing and head-butting, our invincible trio managed to defeat Tomator, the Big Green Bad, this time exposing him as a teenage brat playing a sort of video game Demiurgos.


Both the outro movie and the credits sections suggest that there were plans for another sequel. Which didn’t happen, as we all know now. This doesn’t surprise me: I really enjoyed my playthrough, but ultimately the game was a disappointment. Released five years after the original, it arrived too late and offered too little in terms of level design and general gameplay.

The End

Graphics seem to be the weakest point of Lost Vikings 2. The colour palette and pseudo-3D actually look worse than in the original, and now I regret that I didn’t play the SNES version, which remained faithful to the original’s visual style. At least my ears weren’t hurt badly. Voice acting is more than adequate for the main characters, and the soundtrack has its own charm too (but kill me if I have to tell what music genre it is).

The journey is really over — unless a nostalgic indie developer makes a spiritual succesor, that is. Despite my feeling of disappointment, I feel a little melancholic, since the original Lost Vikings were one of the most memorable video games in my Amiga childhood. Now I’m seriously tempted to try Blackthorne, released just two years later, right after Silicon&Synapse changed their name to Blizzard. This will have to wait, though, since it’s finally snowy Northern winter now — and Sovngarde awaits a certain swarthy warrior.


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