Beginning of Darkness: MoH Spearhead & Breakthrough

The main reason I bought it on GOG was the presence of the Italian Royal Army in Breakthrough. The other reason is, not very surpringly, childhood nostalgia.

As always, I’m at least attempting to modify the gameplay as intended by the game artists…

Difficulty: Hard,

…but also…

No Manual Saving: The player is not allowed to save game manually, including quicksaves.

No. Not this time. After a few failed attempts, I had to remind myself that my recent purchase was meant to be played as a distraction from other, more ‘serious’ games. Let’s try something more forgiving:

Weapon of Choice: Use single chosen weapon from the beginning of the mission until ammunition is depleted.

This sounds much more relaxing and still leaves a bit of challenge to the game. Now let’s see how it works out in practice.


16th December 1945. The Ardennes. The forests are crawling with German soldiers, supported by rocket artillery and armour. After a succesful charge through the frozen Überwald, Sergeant Jack Barnes finds himself at the gates of a German supply depot.

With three health points remaining — and the quicksave wasted shortly before reaching the quicksave point. No health packs to be found in the area, too.

To be continued…


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