Fallout 3: Modded

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about buying Fallout 4. We reached a common conclusion: waiting for at least a year until patches and interesting mods are released seems to be a wise solution, which will spare us a lot of frustration. After all, as I said half-jokingly, the last Bethesda game which was decent without any modifications was Terminator: Skynet.

This was a rhetorical overstatement,of course. Unmodified Morrowind was a fantastic experience, and I still have some fond memories of the Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. Nevertheless, I cannot imagine playing Skyrim without Frostfall, Better Armors, or most importantly, Interesting NPCs.

My current ‘evil’ Fallout 3 stands somewhere inbetween. While I am focused on roleplaying by self-appointed challenges, I did install a few mods which, while incomparable with the aforementioned Skyrim mods, now seem indispensable to me.


Sydney Follower

Yes, using a mod with a female companion makes me feel like an omega basement dweller — the same type of abhuman who downloads custom models turning female characters into BDSM-style whores. Fortunately for my self-esteem, I am able to think about a few excuses. Firstly, the character already exists in the vanilla game as a temporary companion. Secondly, the mod certainly gives the player more options of interaction that in the case of standard companions. The dialogue options give you the chance to teach her new skills, order Sydney to repair your weapons, and there’s even even a primitive relationship counter — after a while you’re able to convince her that she should borrow you her precious SMG.

Besides, Sydney is based on the Relic Hunter’s main protagonist, and I have always had soft sport for Tia Carrere.

Vault Dweller’s Survival Cooking Guide

And again, this make me feel like a deviant, but I draw an immense pleasure from cooking and eating in video games. This modification is particularly well-made, as it goes beyond just giving the ability to cook meals. There are different cookbooks, some of them quite hard to obtain, which provide additional recipes which are not available in the unmodified version. Now finding a brahmin, butchering it, and cutting a juicy steak from the still warm carcass is more important and rewarding than finding unique weapons and collectibles.

Dogmeat Health Fix

With Broken Steel add-on installed, the faithful canine companion becomes practically invincible when it reaches high experience levels. While I still remember my desperate attempts to save him in the finale of Fallout 1, leaving this bug unfixed would certainly spoil the illusion of realism. In my opinion, this mod is well-balanced, reducing Dogmeat’s HPs without making him all too vulnerable.


The standard green filter had an almost nauseating effect on me. Maybe it does seem to match the overall aesthetics of the game, but it still becomes incredibly tiresome after some time. Now, with this mod turned on, the post-apocalyptic landscape regains its colour.


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