Fallout 3: No More Heroes Anymore

Just another rabid Raider. Jumping at me without a word of explanation. Right before he became fodder to my Gauss rifle.

Yet it wasn’t another nameless anarchist off the leash. The Roach King. A named character, there must be an interesting story behind him. Doesn’t matter, the Ghoul Ghetto awaits, called the Museum of History by the more polite.

The Roach King

You could have been anything. Now you’re nothing.

After a day, maybe two, I actually bothered to check the excellent Fallout Wikia. It appears that there was much more to that character. A man who apparently managed to tame local radroaches and lived as a king among them was certainly not an ordinary Wastelander.

This is a sobering thought: My protagonist, clad in power armour and armed with the latest addition to the Uncle Sam’s arsenal, has just wiped out a potentially complex NPC. One may wonder how many such Road Kings could’ve become fully-written characters, with proper dialogue, logs, subquests, etc.

At least I still have his helmet as a trophy.


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