Black November


Do we reject – Do we embrace – Do we detest
The deceitful nature of battleless victories?
In this blank age of protest
Of form enfolding strenght
Are we guards, henchmen, defenders?

Defeat, Defeat, Defeat

My last attempt to revive this blog, or rather a sketchbook, was a complete, shameful failure. Of all the goals I set myself for November, I didn’t manage to complete a single one. Generally speaking, I feel burnt out. Even though I still enjoy playing a game, I lack the energy and persistence to complete one. Not to mention that making even a short note about any remarkable moment I experience while playing seems to be beyond my abilities — maybe writing in a foreign language isn’t a good idea after all.

But there is hope even in the darkest of hours. Steam made a very pleasant surprise with their great sale, and I was finally able to obtain a legal copy of Fallout: New Vegas — even better, as it’s the Ultimate Edition with all DLCs included. Now I have an incentive to finish my hapless F3 playthrough, and maybe even the other unfinished games from the last month. I’m not naïve enough to promise myself that I will post daily, but 10 posts in a month seem to be a reasonable goal. For the beginning.

Decurio: Create 10 full posts in December

As the name suggests, I have my own special reasons to play F:NV. Obviously, it’s a cult classic and I remember people praising it everywhere, but I have my own dark agenda when picking up games to play which is based on my worldview, political, social and spiritual convictions. This is why Spec Ops: The Line was one of my best gaming experiences in the entire life. This is why España en Llamas, the Call of Duty 2 total conversion set in the time of the Spanish Civil War, had me chained to the screen for half a year…

In short, the main reason to play New Vegas is to become a Caesar’s legionnaire.



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