Fallout 3: No Sleep for The Wicked

There is a saying attributed to the Polish libertarian journalist Stefan Kisielewski: “Socialism solves problems which remain unknown for other systems”. Well, once again it seems that my approach to gaming is Socialist in its essence.

Yesterday I stopped my daily F3 session while mourning the most faithful companion, Dogmeat. Today, right after clicking ‘Continue” in the main menu, I realised that my Hero in Sour Armour found himself in the middle of the ruined capital without a place to lay his head down. Usually, a vanilla player would use fast travel or simply carry on to his destination, but with my self-imposed restrictions, I had to search for a safe haven in almost complete darkness – just because I had decided to play with minimum brightness and gamma options.

Camping in the Capital - just Raider style

Camping in the Capital – just Raider style

And just an hour (real-time) later, I finally found a refuge in a Raider camp – right after disposing of its current inhabitants. Maybe I’m more an Anarchist than a Socialist, as its seems to be a perfect example of postapocalyptic Squatting.


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