Custom Soundtrack: Wasteland Blues

Galaxy News Radio certainly has an entertaining and charismatic speaker who is kind enough to remind the remnants of humanity that my Hero is the Devil walking in human form. Sadly, the broadcasted music doesn’t match my standards at all. While I do realise that Three Dog plays real U.S. American classics, they simply don’t seem appropriate enough for the general feeling of wandering in the Capital Wasteland.

Fortunately, we still have the wonderful NexusMods which offers us a chance to replace vanilla songs with our preferred content.

Since we’re limited to 20 tracks only, the hard part is to choose proper music. It would be all to easy to download some random grimdark-ambient MP3’s, but I’ve decided to be a bit more creative.

Son House. Delta Blues.

A perfect tune for post-apocalyptic melancholy while exploring ruined landscapes of the world greatest superpower’s capital.


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