Space Marine: Skull of Perdition

And I’m returning to the blog after a short summer break. My triumphant return to WH:40k means chasing after a single servoskull. Maybe I should give up that silly side quest and ignore the skulls, simply focusing on the game?

Returning to a game after a month of forced break seems like being a soldier returning to the front from a short break in the home front. You know what to expect and what to do, in theory, but you need some time to re-adjust to another reality. For this reason, I’m still stuck in that one level, desperately trying to remember how to beat that bloody Ork shaman.

Fortunately, I’ve got a distraction from the Grimdark reality of the 41st century. Tomorrow, I’m starting my Witcher 2 playthrough, which should be the focus of this blog for the incoming week.


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