The last levels of the Mayincatec Jungle chapter were so I easy that I’m disappointed, but so are my Vikings. The time machine is malfunctioning again, and I can only wonder if Baleog finally loses his temper (not that he has much of it) and hacks the infernal device to pieces.


Olaf isn’t even angry. He’s just lost, again.

Unlike my hapless heroes, I shouldn’t be complaining, though. This world seems to be a welcome change mood: a postapocalyptic-futuristic inferno. Too bad there’s a standard noble Rebel hero to greet the party after the landing.


Why cannot it be or something in the vein of a Chaos-worshipping Imperial Orc Stormtrooper?

Nevermind, there’s a new adventure ahead and this may be the games final chapter. Maybe I should be regretting it now, though, since I really like the game and there’s no sequel to the sequel.


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