Skyrim Stories: My Armour is Contempt

Perhaps some Skyrim players find the Daedric Princes amusing or even fascinating, but for me they are simply the most disgusting creatures in the entire universe, playing with the lives of mortals for their own amusement. What is even worse, they have never shown proper respect even for my PCs in Skyrim and previous installments. Nevertheless, in my current playthrough I’ve decided not to skip their quests, but rather to actively pursuit them and use every opportunity to spit them in the face. After all, I am playing Dovahkiin, the One They Fear, and defying the shitlords of ultimate evil should be his standard behaviour. Besides, it’s about staying in character, as I’m trying to make Ramzi a pious follower of the Divines, who would never bow before a false god.

Almost never. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no other way than to play their petty games. This was the case with the Meridia’s Beacon quest, since refusing to clean her temple led to certain death. The quest involved killing yet another powerful necromancer and his henchmen anyway, so maybe there was some true good in completing it. Talos works in mysterious ways, indeed.

Meridia Sword

Beauty conceals corruption, or something

Of course, there was a reward: the Dawnbreaker. All nice and shiny, I admit, but it’s still a mark of shame for my hero for following the orders of an abomination. So I’m leaving it at my Solitude mansion and no mortal touches it ever.

Your Reward Fills Me With Disgust: Never use Daedric artifacts. Keep them away from others.


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