More Interesting Characters: Bold and Bored (Cassock)

Finally, I’ve managed to find a possible replacement for Lydia. This old Orc, dressed in a worn gown, hangs around the Solitude’s best and only tavern. Cassock is a typical Orc warrior – only weary of typical warrior’s routine. And he has a challenge for Ramzi, but it is not another quest for errand boys, mercenaries, or Witcher-wannabes.


Killing boredom. With extreme prejudice.

No, in order to recruit him as companion, I will need to kill named characters in a specific order – first letters of their names will have to form the name of Ulfric (may he be blessed by Talos).

Maybe I’ve played Skyrim for hundreds of hours, but this is the first task in the game which deserves to be called A Quest. Since Ramzi tries to be a good and reasonably lawful character, the hardest part will be to find proper characters who are not innocent and still bear the required name. It is even better this way.


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