Space Marine: Fall of the Valkyrie

My weekend gaming session ends with a cliffhanger: Captain Titus crawls out of the wreckage of Valkyrie 02 to find himself on a half-destroyed bridge, under constant artillery shelling and waves of Orks doing their best – that is, attacking our sole hero in relentless waves.

Just as I had been suspecting when writing the previous post, I didn’t manage to finish the game over the weekend and will have to postpone my Space Marine playthrough to next month. At this moment, having played two of the five chapters, I can only say that I wouldn’t be playing this game if it weren’t for its WH40k setting. Somehow I doubt that gameplay will improve in further levels, but maybe there are nice surprises still waiting for me.

As usual, I didn’t manage to capture any screenshots. Tech-savvy is the last thing you could call me.


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