Skyrim Stories: Jadro’Ra

Just another of my bad habits: so often do I postpone quests that finally it’s hard to remember how they even started. I’ve found Jadro’Ra in a marked cave located near to the Thalmor Embassy and Solitude, and my quest log that he is a friend of a certain Winterhold mage named Olivia.


The furball takes Ramzi for another random thug, but luckily the hero remembers a catchphrase given him by Olivia.

“She said you were more worth as a rug before you were burned”

After hearing this, the Khajiit recognizes Ramzi as a friend. Following his orders, he tracked down a mysterious Dunmer mage in Winterhold and, thanks to an Argonian thief, managed to lay his paw on notes carried by five other mages visiting their master at the Winking Skeever. Then, Jadro’Ra was lured by the mage to this cave and severely wounded. But he still has the notes, which Olivia will be very happy to see.

Appropriately, he has a last wish before the ninth of his cat lives is extinguished. In his beggar youth, Jadro’Ra had a friend, a poor Khajiit farmer, who was the only person to treat him with respect. However, after being recruited by the Winterhold Mage, our little furry snob forgot about his friend and turned his eyes away every time he met her on the street. Now he wishes to make amends.

Fortunately, it’s not another fetch quest. There are no letters, notes or keepsakes to be delivered. He simply asks Ramzi to perform a certain mystical ritual – apparently two people of the Khajiit race can connect by looking at the twin moons on the same moment – to reach his betrayed friend. This sounds intriguing: a Skyrim quest where you need to look at the night sky to solve it.

(of course, I didn’t even think to heal Jadro’Ra before his passing. Well, it’s too late for him now, due to my no-save-scumming policy).


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