All in the Manual

Hotline Miami 2: After beating the game on Normal level, I’ve accidentally found out that the mouse scroll-button can be used for aiming enemies with guns. It feels so good to know that after trying to get A+ rating in most levels.

Lost Vikings 2: Today must be the Discoverer’s Day. Swimming in underwater passages used to be like passing through a minefield, but by accidentally holding the Space button I’ve learned that Erik the Swift can swim really fast when required. Better late than never, I guess.

Nevertheless, maybe I shouldn’t be complaining too much. All I wanted was to make games a little harder and more interesting, and I achieved it – by ignoring basic character controls. In any case, to avoid accusations of being a borderline masochist, next time I’m starting a new playthrough, I’ll make sure to read the manual (if available) and check the controls screen. Very carefully.


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