Skyrim: The Story So Far

Since I’ve been adding new self-appointed challenges to my current Skyrim playthrough, this would be a good time to make a list before I get lost:

Gods Will Be Watching: Always make a proper offering when visiting a place of worship dedicated to the Divines (especially Talos).

Freeze or Fight: Don’t leave the town/camp without enough firewood.

Generous Guest: Always left a gift when cooking/sleeping at somebody’s home.

Experience and Time: Find a place for a full rest to level up.

Patience is the Key: disenchanting an item requires a full day of loitering.

To Bury The Dead: When a human body is found, bring every piece of it to the nearest shrine of the Divines (unless it’s found in a place of Nord burial).

Power Awakens: Enchanted weapons require time to regenerate. At least one full rest is required to load them full.

And the most important:

Worship the Horse God!

(before he curses all your steeds again)


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