Skyrim Stories: Murder Room

The last time when Bethesda actually managed to scare me was the rescue mission in Terminator: Future Shock, where my post-apocalyptic hero was ordered to breach into one of Skynet’s death camps. Usually, the studio’s attempts to create a sense of fear and dread lead to a comical effect, be it the torture chambers and wraiths in Daggerfall, or lairs of the Sixth House in Morrowind. The pattern repeats in Skyrim, of course, as I simply cannot take all that gore and cannibalism seriously. And the Dark Brotherhood isn’t terrifyng at tall, but plainly disgusting.

But as always, there’s an exception to the rule.

The Murder RoomWhile cleaning another vampire hideout and bringing Talos’ justice to the leeches, Ramzi found this: a small room filled with pairs of boots and shoes, different types and sizes. And no trace of their owners to be found around. Well, this would be worth of a certain eccentric writer from Providence, RI.


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