Skyrim Stories: The Rocky Road to Sovngarde

Almost all of my Skyrim Stories posts end with another tiny self-appointed endeavour added to the list. Now I’m wondering how this playthrough will end. Since I’ve adopted a no-manual-save policy, there is a possibility that another nasty bug will make the game implayable, with no means to revert it. And there is even worse option: I may finally run out of patience for this.


In other words, I want to make the Greates Hero of His Age feel insignificant and tiny

But I still hope that I will manage to accomplish my goal, which is to make my Skyrim playthrough as immersive as it is possible. After all, I’m playing a Redguard character trying to adopt Nord culture. This great test of patience is supposed to be the core of his way of life and my way of gaming.


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