Badass Inc. [Early Gameplay Prototype]

Badass Inc 1Playthrough finished.

Yet another proof that the Almighty created the French as natural born video game makers.

I found it today while skimming through recent RPS articles. To put it simply, Badass Inc. is a pastiche/parody homage to Another World and Flashback with a strong Blade Runner flavour. The protagonist is a feline furry (or a filthy mutant abomination, using proper WH40k vocabulary) working as a contract killer for a certain Mr. Ludlum.

Badass Inc 2

Bewarte the Mutant! The assassin cat dealing with the Arbites… I mean, with generic cyberpunk police force

What makes his task complicated is the requirement to deal with the target in an unusal way. Simply putting a lasbot through his skull is not an option, so it becomes necessary to use a simple point-and-click interface to interact with the environment and find a creative way to prepare a surprise for the poor bastard.

The current version is very short, but still the gameplay is more than satisfying. Badass Inc. has all that I need from a game: stylish graphics, amazing soundtrack and gameplay style clearly borrowing from my favourite classics. There are even loading screens with an Amiga floppy image and realistic sound of a disk drive munching the data.

In conclusion, I think that the French government should be funding projects like this in order to make an entire genre of Flashback clones. The legacy of the Delphine Software seems to be one of their cultural goods.


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