[Skyrim Stories] The Loneliness of a Long Distance Enchanter

During my current playthrough, I’ve managed to accumulate more than a few enchanted items. Since they’ve become way too cumbersome, now it’s the right time get rid of them – not by selling, but by carefully examining them at my friend Anzelmo’s enchanter.

Yes, I do realise that nothing in the poorly written dialogue indicates that Anzelmo is, or may become, a friend of the Dovahkiin, but I like to thim of him as a friend. Definitely, he’s one of the most charming characters in the unmodded game.


About to suck out knowledge from the state-of-art weapon

Disenchanting a weapon causes an instant and significant improvement of the Enchanting skill, which, of course, is inacceptable for my current style of playing. Why don’t we make it a bit more tedious?

Patience is the Key: disenchanting an item requires a full day of loitering.

This is how I imagine the entire process: spending a significant amount of time to examine an enchanted item and slowly decipher its secrets.


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