[Skyrim Stories] He ain’t heavy, he’s my Thane

Frozen down to the bone marrow, Ramzi and Lydia are returning from a scavenging trip in the northern coast to Dawnstar. Now it’s another snowstorm and wood is long gone, and since it’s night already, all houses are locked and the inn is the only place that can provide shelter. The two wanderers slowly shuffle through snowdrifts towards the inn’s lights. Only a few paces left to the entrance and the life-saving heat.

Finally, shortly before reaching the doorstop, Ramzi blacks out from exhaustion.

He wakes up inside the inn, which is still bustling with activity despite the lateness of the hour. The surrounding Nords keep pointing at him at laughing at the foolish outlander who dared to travel through the deadly northern wilderness without a horse and proper supplies. Nearby, Lydia is sitting in a chair, not even bothering to comment their misadventure.

That’s another great feature of Frostfall, which was added in one of its later versions. When the Dovahkiin passes out due to cold exposure, his companion, if there is any, will carry him to the nearest inn, or make a camp to save him from inevitable death. That it won’t save the player from the feeling of embarassment, is another thing, but it’s great that properly modded Skyrim makes such dramatic and totally non-scripted events possible.


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