[Skyrim Stories] Back to the North

Me third Skyrim playthrough has started before I actually brought myself to revive my blog, so there are a few moments from the early game I haven’t covered yet. Even if this will make my Skyrim Stories achronological, I’ll reload the old saves and try to recollect my thoughts.

The first such memorable moment was in a very early stage of the game. It was Ramzi’s first bandit  cave, to be cleaned on Legandary difficulty level and without manual saving and a companion as a human shield. Yes, the fight was quite challenging and exciting, since I after a long break from Skyrim I had to quickly refresh my memory about basic combat, but what happened next…

Back to the NorthWith blood stile pulsing in his veins, Ramzi is standing on the river shore. Night is falling slowly and the majestic peaks in the distance begin to fade away. No beasts, men or mer around, just the sound of rushing water and wind. Now it’s time to make camp, lit a fire, and eat that piece of juicy venison. And then a few hourse of lonely sleep in the tent. At morning, he’ll have to return to Whiterun for his reward.

Yes, despite its obvious flaws, crippling bugs and Bethesda’s generally arrogant behaviour, Skyrim is one of the few games really worth of playing for long months.


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