A Viking by Any Other Name

Maybe it is not the subtlest form of irony, but I smiled when the three angry Norsemen with their lizard an furry auxiliarii were brought by the not quite reliable magic time-travelling service into the Caribbean Pirate era. This comedy effect must be deliberate, since on the first Buccaneer level they had a short conversation which showed their confusion.

lostv_000At first, it seemed that they finally managed to find their way home. There were ships, sea, and possibility of easy plunder on the horizon. Too bad that the ships and the sea were wrong, and suddenly they realized that they may soon become prey to the 17th century version of themselves.

The first association to come into my mind: this is how the protagonists of Valhalla Rising must have felt after their landing in Vinland.

Valhalla Rising

Lost Vikings: The True Story


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