Skyrim Stories: Wrath and Mercy of the Horse God

For the last week, I’ve felt like cursed by a horse god never described by the Elder Scrolls lore. Every single horse I dismounted would immediately walk away, usually leaving me in the middle of wilderness for almost certain death from freezing and exhaustion. The unfaithful beast would be usually found at its home stable, and when I rode it again, the entire process repeated. Since I couldn’t bring myself to slaughter it, I was eventually forced to travel on foot, desperately searching for that one stable with a properly trained animal.

Apparently, the Horse God is in better mood today. When I was leaving Markarth, I was surprised to find a horse in the city stable which, I can swear to the Divines, wasn’t there before, with the generic name Ramzi’s Horse. And this time, it behaves like it’s supposed to do. No more wilderness crawling for me, I’m riding again!

Horse God

Now, since I don’t want to tempt fate, I’ll have to find a proper way to worship and appease the unknown equine deity, before he frowns upon me again.


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