Skyrim Stories: The Sacred Law of Hospitality

Why should you bother with chopping wood, making fire, and pitching a tent, when somebody has already done all these things for you? Fortunately, even the vanilla Skyrim offers the Dragonborn the chance to stay at somebody’s place, under the condition that the host is a ‘friend’, or at least a person who owes him a debt of gratitude.

But I’m not playing Skyrim to use shortcuts. Since I’ve just used their fireplace to warm up and their cozy marriage bed to spend yet another night of UST with Lydia, I think it would be appropriate for Ramzi to show that he isn’t just another ungrateful foreigner.

Behold the generosity of the Dovahkiin!


And does it really matter that all these pieces of juicy meat were found by the hero on a hunter’s corpse? What really matters is that now I’m able to add another challenge to my playthrough.

Generous Guest: Always left a gift when cooking/sleeping at somebody’s home.


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