Skyrim Stories: Freeze or Fight

What makes Frostfall one of the greatest Skyrim mods? It’s demanding. Finishing the hundreds of quests and grinding stats becomes less obvious when just moving from Town A to Town B requires the player to prepare. Having the best possible armour and weapon is not enough, when you can freeze underway.

I did it again. I was too lazy to chop firewood before going on a far journey. The result? At one point, I was forced to find the nearest shelter to hide from a snowstorm. Now I’m stuck in the only one one-way cave in the game. As long as I’ve entered it, there’s no easy way to go back to the outside world – only through a labyrinth full of falmer, and their bloodthirsty pets. All this could’ve been avoided if I had enough fuel to make a camp, but the mod doesn’t allow the player to gather wood when the PC is freezing to death.

This is the right time to add another self-appointed challenge:

Don’t leave the town/camp without enough firewood

And I swear, when I leave this Talos-forsaken cave, I’ll go to the Whiterun stables and turn that treacherous horse into fine goulash soup.


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