[The Beginning of Darkness] Lost Vikings 2

Weapon And Tool: Never use the power glove against enemies (unless it’s necessary to complete a level)

This idea was triggered by an entry in the corresponding TV Tropes article. The laser sword, taken as a prize by Baleog during the initial escpape from the Tomator’s prison, is supposed to be Cool, But Inefficient, in comparison with the power glove, which replaces the humble bow he used in the first installment. Now I’m trying to prove that ‘inefficient’ may become Cool and Deadly, even if it requires some time and patience.

They Took Everything: Collect every pick-up item you locate on the level

Such items are usually food used to restore health, and even if you manage to play a level flawlessly, you wouldn’t like Olaf to starve, would you? Besides, most of the hidden items aren’t necessary to complete a level, but obtaining them requires some skill and thinking, which will make my playthrough more interesting and challenging.


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