[Soundtrack] Hotline Miami 2

A soundtrack piece from Hotline Miami 2 has become my motivational song. Every morning when I’m leaving my flat, I push the ‘Play’ button on the exact moment I’m crossing the door into the outside world. Maybe I should be scared of myself now.

Or maybe I shouldn’t.  I find ‘Blizzard’ to be unlike any other piece of soundtrack in both games. It is very hard for me, almost impossible, to describe this feeling, but I would choose the word ‘noble’, lacking proper vocabulary. Yes, there’s a promise of challenge, toil, and purpose in this three minutes short composition. All this contradicts the supposed message of the game(s), but who knows, maybe there is an irony within it that I cannot see? This is the background music for the first level, introducing the Fans, who just happen to be serial killers with an agenda in this game. At least one of them seems to see a greater goal in their bloody antics, beyond killing for fun and out of boredom.

Or maybe I should stop with overanalyzing and be content that a video game evokes such feelings and reflections inside me.


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