Skyrim Stories: Tactical Importance of Doors

Since Skyrim is favourite mean of escapism, during the gameplay I will focuse on maximising immersion instead of mindless level grinding and continued attempts to create The Ultimate Sledgehammer of Nordic Destruction. This doesn’t mean that I want it to become a slideshot of breathtaking vistas or a point-and-click adventure, and to make things more interesting I’ve picked Legendary diffculty, installed a few survival mods, and abandoned such silly ideas as quicksaves, relying on the autosave feature only.

This makes Ramzi, my player character, perhaps the most fragile Dragonborn in Nord history. Sometimes, when I encounter a particularly difficult dungeon, I’m forced to take truly desperate methods of survival.

So what does a Redguard do when he reaches the final chamber which, no surprise hear, is defended by a couple of deadly archers and absolutely empty, without even a small column pedestal to hide from their arrows?


This turns a first-person RPG into a FPS, where skillful strafing and quick trigger-finger are essential for surviving. At least it’s easier to collect arrows when they stick in a thick oakwood door.


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