Wings [GBA]

Game Boy Advance port.

Soundtrack list:

Von Thronstahl – Conscriptum

Von Thronstahl – Corona Imperialis

Unit Black Flight – Interaction and Extraction

First playthrough: German campaign. Interrupted on an extremely difficult mission.
Second playthrough: German campaign complete. Attempted to pass every mission without a reprimand. Failure: skipped one of the final missions in the campaign.

Lieber totThe writing may be cheesy, but they got the proper attitude of a German pilot.


Manfred of Richthofen’s death.


Near the end of the German campaign, they stop being serious. Allied Zeppelins?!


To the bitter end. Heil Dir im Siegerkranz!

Die Berliner

Alternate history: the Red Baron had exactly 100 kills before he fell. And my ace was even better.


The false promise of peace. One of the ending screens.


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