Skyrim Stories: Gods Will Be Watching

As always when playing a Bethesda games, I do senseless things just to immerse myself deeper into the world behind the screen.

Potema is dead. It took almost a week to conquer her Sanctum and lay her Inner Council to rest. There was a revenge part in it too, as I still remember losing Lydia to those infernal ligthnings during my first approach to Skyrim (that would be four years ago).

Since Ramzi, my player character, is supposed to be a devout worshipper of the Imperial pantheon, it would be appropriate for him to show a proper amount of gratitude to the Aedra. Although the Talos been succesfully has been successfully banished from the Solitude temple, our hero had to choose another deity to pay his respects. Zenithar was an obvious choice, as Ramzi is a faithful follower of the Path of the Smith.

Proper worship means much more than just activating an idol and receiving a blessing. Besides switching to stealth mode as an imitation of kneeling down, Ramzi must drop an offering – and not just a random piece of junk, but the most valuable object fitting the given deity’s aspect. This time it was a gold ingot, which would otherwise provide a nice boost to the smithing skill.


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