Earth Taken 2

First walkthrough complete. Favourite weapon: knife. Not all secrets found.

While I had great time playing Earth Taken (not listed on this blog), I didn’t bother to check if there’s any sequel, and almost missed it. Accidentally, I found it on Newgrounds a few days ago while looking for a shooting game to relax in the evening.

There are only little changes in gameplay, visuals or soundtrack, but there’s nothing to complain about, as I still enjoyed the game much. Some weapons were added in the sequel, among them my two favorites: a combat knife and flamethrower. I spent most of the game time performing bold bayonet charges on the aliens and enemy troopers, and used the flamethrower only in the last stage – that’s the dilemma of a videogame pyromaniac, either you spend your precious fuel early in the game or wait for the final showdown. I still have to try that grenade launcher in the second playthrough.

The game provides little challenge for the player, which isn’t all that bad, if you treat it like bubblegum to relax after the day’s work. Still, I have the feeling that the makers wasted a perfect concept for the sort of 2D Stalker game. If only they created an open world with quests, puzzles, interactive dialogue with the NPCs… but I guess it would take more work and they wouldn’t be publishing it for free.

Five stars given, nevertheless.


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