Papers, Please!

Several playthroughs. Each one based on different personality type:

#1 Tool: Trying to play a mostly honest citizen loyal to the regime. Stopped helping rebels after a while. Helped a few people with their quests, unless the family situation was very bad. Ending 20 achieved, with some money surplus and whole family healthy and alive.

Save scumming after negative endings and interface glitches (not able to return an item).

#2 Rebel: Joined the rebels, did not shoot the man in red. Tried to be decent – 7 of 8 badges collected. Managed to make’s son St. Nicolas Day happy and to adopt the niece. Missed the opportunity to bail out the family. Executed for high treason.

Save scummed just once, after getting arrested for suspicious income.

#3 Hero: Strict cooperation with the AZIC. Sabotaging the government whenever it was possible. 7 of 8 badges earned. Promoted to agent of the New Arstotzka. Whole family saved and moved to a better place. Ending 19.

#4 Conformist: The only goal was to leave Arstotzka with family. Used every opportunity to win additional money. Refused to help anyone who was not offering a bribe, the only exception being Elisa and Jorji. Escaped to Obristan with all family members. Ending 18.


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